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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Rona-Marie Harvey, and I hope this is a place where you can get to know me.

Since the birth of my daughter in early 2012, I have been focusing on family portraits, lifestyle sessions and newborn photography. It's nice to always have access to a willing model at home!

When not making portraits, I also work as a graphic designer. I love having family time at home with my husband, daughter and son. Coffee, walks, going to the playground with the kids and anything chocolate are things I enjoy on a daily basis.

If you'd like to connect with me, feel free to drop me a line at any time.

Thanks to Jaleen Lessard from Sweet Life Photography for my portrait with Parker.

About Me | Edmonton Newborn and Family Photographer

Hello! I am Rona-Marie Harvey. I am based in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). I’d love to have the opportunity to get to know you and tell a part of your story through pictures. Interested in getting to know me a little more to see if our personalities and styles mesh? Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I can usually be found clutching a cup of coffee while I chase my kids around, or following the very precise directions of a 4-year who loves to reenact her favourite show or movie (but let’s not forget that I’m the boss of me!) My son is happy to play along as¬†whatever character he is assigned, unless he can be an alligator. When they’re sleeping, I usually cram as much work into those few precious hours as I can.

I love my family. Time spent with my husband and two children are some of my happiest moments (enhanced even more when I have a cup of coffee in hand!). I never really appreciated just how quickly life flies by until I had my babies. It’s true what they say — be present and enjoy this season of your life while you can, because they grow up so fast!

I began specializing in newborn and family portrait photography when my daughter was born and haven’t looked back since. I’m so thankful I have a wall full of pictures to document how our family has grown over the years, and to be able to provide the same for all my clients.

In addition to professional photography, I am also a graphic designer. I love being able to combine my creative skills and training into a career that leaves me feeling excited about my work.

Some of my favourite things:
family, friends, babies, coffee, dogs, chocolate¬†and yoga. I’ve recently picked up running again, but as I write this, it’s still summer. I’m not sure what I’ll do once the temperature drops.

Want to know more about me? Give me a call or drop me a line and we can get to know each other over a cup of coffee.