Hello Denford Park Preschool families! Welcome to your proofing gateway

I’m so excited to share your kiddo’s proofs from picture day! All proofing and ordering is handled online through our secure proofing galleries. The deadline to place your order is Friday, May 19. If you have questions, please contact Rona.

Important dates

Galleries Released

Friday, May 5

Ordering Deadline

Friday, May 19 at 11:59pm

(shipping + handling fees apply to late orders)

Print Orders Delivered

Typically 2-3 weeks from ordering deadline

By participating in picture day, you (an individual over 18, OR a parent/guardian) consent to the use of your own and/or your child’s name and images to be included in group classroom photos, class composites, yearbooks and other school related products or services that may be commissioned by the school. If you would like to withdraw your consent, you must contact the studio by email or phone 780-235-7955 before your school’s photo ordering deadline. THIS IS NOT A MODEL RELEASE.

How to order


Click on the gallery link(s) below to be redirected to the proofing page. Click on your child’s name, then enter your email address and the gallery password.


Select your favourite images and choose what print package, digital files or personalized photo product you’d like to order. Pay securely online. Use your provided coupon code for free school delivery for on time print orders.


Digital files are sent as an email download link as soon as you check out. This link is active for 7 days. Download immediately. On time print orders are delivered to the school.

Promos and discounts

Free Class Photo

A free class photo is included in select packages and is available as a $5 add-on to any other purchase.

Multi-Gallery Discount

If you purchase from two galleries, you are eligible to receive 25% off your third and subsequent gallery purchases. Contact the studio with your first two order numbers to receive a discount code. Refunds will not be issued.

Get ready for fun, personality-filled school photos
Important links

Email List

Get picture day and ordering deadline reminders as well as periodic emails from Pause Photography + Design (unsubscribe at any time).

Model Release

I love to keep my portfolio current with adorable faces! To give permission for me to use your child’s photo (without their personal info), complete this release form.

Speciality products

We have more than just prints! Look for these unique ways to share and display images of your kiddo when you’re ordering. Some of the most popular items include metal collage walls and mugs.


Passwords are CaSe sEnSiTiVE. Your password is your child’s first TWO (2) initials and the first FOUR (4) letters of their head teacher’s last name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS followed by the date of picture day. No spaces or hyphens.

Example Password

Your child’s name is Jessica, the head teacher’s last name is Jones and they were photographed on October 10; the password for your gallery is JEJONE10. Suppose Jessica has two siblings, and they all have the same head teacher. Emily was photographed on October 4 and Michael was photographed on October 10. The passwords for each gallery are unique. Emily’s password would be EMJONE4. Michael’s password would be MIJONE10.

Sibling Gallery Passwords

Your password is the same as the first child listed in the gallery name

Password Exceptions

EXCEPTIONS are when your child’s head teacher’s name has only two or three letters, such as “Ma”. In this case, your password will be your child’s first two initials along with the head teacher’s full last name and their picture day date (Example: Child’s name is Olivia, the head teacher’s last name is Ma and they were photographed on October 10. The password for your gallery is OLMA10).


What email address do I use to sign in to the gallery?

Use your own personal email address.

I missed the ordering deadline. Can I still order school photos?

You can place an order for your school photos at any time, up to 2 calendar years after picture day. Contact the studio to have your gallery recreated. There is a $10 late order fee applied to orders placed after the ordering deadline plus shipping charges for prints to be delivered to your home address (no school delivery for late orders). There is an unarchiving fee applicable to orders placed 3 months or more past your school’s original ordering deadline.

How do I get my digital files?

After you check out, you’ll receive a download link by email for the images you ordered. This link is only active for 7 days, please ensure you download and back up your images somewhere safe. There is an unarchiving fee applicable to resending image downloads 3 months or more past your school’s original ordering deadline.

I’m locked out of my gallery, what do I do?

If you’ve entered an incorrect gallery password too many times, you will be locked out. This is a gallery safety mechanism to combat unauthorized access. Clear your browser cookies or cache and try again in a new tab. Passwords are CaSe sEnSiTiVE, please ensure you are using correct capitalization and spacing (if applicable). If you are still having trouble, contact the studio for help.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: These images are captured in a short time period with your kiddo. Due to the scheduling arranged with your child’s school, we have less than two minutes with each child. We do our best to capture a variety of expressions and conjure authenticity from your son or daughter during this short time. Some children are naturally more comfortable than others when it comes to photographs and strangers. We do not believe in forcing a child to “perform” just for the sake of capturing “the shot”; but rather we do our best to work with your kiddos, make them comfortable and enjoy that short minute or two we have. Please understand that all images are shot with the goal of being “real” – who they are in that moment. Some laugh, some stand stoic and pensive, some bounce around and giggle; we attempt to artistically capture all of this. The options included in the gallery of your son or daughter were the best shots we had on file and we hope you enjoy each of them! Thank you for your understanding.