Edmonton Family Storytelling Sessions

You may have heard of these sessions referred to as “lifestyle photography” sessions. These family sessions are fun, emotion-filled, activity-based portraits that capture your family in this season of life. Think of these as directed documentary. These sessions capture your family adventuring through the river valley, playing in the playground or spending time together doing some of your favourite activities at home.

I want to connect with you, and give you the chance to connect with each other. Posed photos of everyone looking and smiling at the camera are the ones that you might think you want, but the ones that you’ll really treasure are the images that show your connections to the ones you love. I can’t tell you how often I hear from families that they just want an update to their family photos since their youngest (who is now 3) wasn’t even born in the last family photo. They come prepared to sit nicely together, with every hair in place; dad might be secretly dreading another stiff portrait… but after a storytelling session with me, they are alive, excited, and more connected to one another. I always hear, “this was so easy! We had so much fun!”.

Storytelling sessions include the creation of your own custom, hand-crafted mini-film, which is included in select collections. You’ll receive a minimum of 60 proofs from your session.