Edmonton Outdoor School Photographer

Hello parents of Sifton School kiddos! Group Class Photos and Sibling Photos are May 16 Morning (outdoors).

I’m looking forward to visiting Sifton School again for group class photos and sibling photos (sign up required for sibling photos) this spring! This page will help make your photo experience as easy and convenient as possible. Of course, if you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, please contact Rona.

Important dates

Picture Days

Tuesday, May 16 starting at 9am
All classes group photos

Tuesday, May 16
Sibling photos by appointment

Galleries Released

Sibling Photo Galleries: within 2 weeks from picture day
Pre-purchased group photos delivered within 3 weeks from picture day

Ordering Deadline

7 days from when galleries are released
*Fall galleries opened on request, no late fee. Ordering deadline same as sibling galleries

What to expect


Photos are outdoors, so please dress your child for the weather. We’ll be working with what’s available at the school as a natural background.


When photographing your child, I’ll spend a little time chatting and interacting with them to help capture natural expressions (I may even test out some of my “dad jokes” with them!). Some kids are pensive, some are shy, and others are wild and goofy. I’ll do my best to capture a range of expressions.


After images are edited, your proofs are released in a password protected online gallery (2 weeks after picture day). You’ll receive an email from me and/or the school to let you know when proofs are ready. Digital orders are delivered immediately by email download link; print orders are collected and sent for printing in bulk after the ordering deadline (this helps keep costs low) and delivered to the school.

Important links

Email List

Get picture day and ordering deadline reminders, gallery release notices as well as periodic emails from Pause Photography + Design (unsubscribe at any time).

Sibling Photo Registration

If you have more than one child registered and would like them photographed together, complete this form.

Media Release (Class Photos & Yearbooks)

Complete this form to grant permission for your child’s name and/or image to be included in classroom composite photos, classroom group photos, yearbooks and other school commissioned products that will be available to all families in the school community.

Portfolio Model Release

I love to keep my portfolio current with adorable faces! To give permission for me to use your child’s photo (without their personal info), complete this release form.

You deserve fun, personality-filled school photos

What makes this photography different?

My goal during my short time with your child isn’t to force a cheesy smile. I’m looking for natural expressions, which range from serious and pensive, to sweet and silly. I work to keep the focus solely on the child’s face and expression.

I’ll chat and interact with your child during our time together to elicit genuine expressions. For a little fun, have your child come prepared with a joke for ME (I’m always looking to expand my dad joke repertoire)! 🙂

What should my child wear?

We’re outdoors this year and using nature as our backdrop, so almost anything goes! I’m a sucker for bright clothes, or ones that show off lovely detail in the shoulder area – sundresses (if it’s warm enough!), ties (suspenders are super cute too!), collared shirts, pretty sleeves, etc. are all great choices. A cozy fall sweater will look adorable. Stay away from large logos or graphics on tops, which can look odd when cropped in a portrait. Most shots are waist or shoulder up. If your child should remove a sweater or jacket, please contact Rona directly so we can make a note with your child’s name on our portrait schedule.

Please dress for the weather while avoiding large logos, hoodies, or sweatshirts.

When can I expect to see our photos?

I send out email notifications to let you know when your proofs are ready (typically within 4-6 weeks of picture day. Don’t forget to sign up to my email list so you’ll get gallery release notices and reminders!). You’ll access proofs through a password protected online gallery. You’ll have 2-5 poses in colour and black and white to choose from. Online galleries are open for 10 days. A late order handling fee of $10 is applicable to orders placed after the galleries close. No school delivery for late print orders.

How does ordering work?

After your receive your online gallery, you’ll have 10 days to place your order (LATE ORDERS: there’s a $10 late order admin fee applicable to orders placed after this deadline plus shipping charges to have prints mailed to you. No school delivery for late orders). Everything is viewed, ordered, and paid for online, so there are no paper order forms to keep track of or cash to send to school. You’ll have the option to purchase prints, image blocks, cool 3D photo shelves holding a metal print, digital images with printing rights and other personalized photo products.

Grandparents and other relatives may also place orders through the digital gallery! Just share the link and password with them.

Print orders are delivered to the centre in bulk after the ordering deadline at no charge to you. If you’d like your print order sooner, there are alternate shipping options available (charges apply).

Will there be class photos available?

You bet! Group class photos will be taken on May 16, 2023. Class photos will be available as a $5 add on to any other purchase. If you pre-order a classroom photo, it will be delivered to your child’s classroom in the spring. If you have already purchased school portraits and would like to add on the class photo, contact the studio with your order number to receive a coupon code to purchase the class photo with no additional minimum order in the spring. Fall galleries will be reopened upon request if you’d like to order portraits.

How much do packages cost?

We offer prints, print packages, digital files as well as custom studio products, such as image blocks, 3D photo shelves with a metal print and framed enlargements, along with photo keychains, mugs, ornaments and more! Prints start at $15, print packages range from $25–$55, and our digital files begin at $55.

When will I get my prints?

Product orders will be delivered to the school within 2–4 weeks from the date your gallery closes (bulk printing and delivery allows us to keep costs low at no additional charge to you). If you’d like your prints sooner, there are alternate shipping options available to you when placing your order (charges apply). No school delivery for late orders; late print orders will ship to your address at current studio rates.

Speciality products

We have more than just prints! Look for these unique ways to share and display images of your kiddo when you receive your proofing gallery. Some of the most popular items include metal collage walls and mugs.